My Deductive Scenario Matrix


I have to start here with a disclaimer!  This is my first attempt at a scenario matrix and I have to say I am not sure whether I have a full understanding yet.  But here goes:

I was playing around here with some future focused thinking and working on the assumption that schools could either still be a physical space that students attend or they could be virtual spaces with students connecting asynchronously.  These are my uncertainties.  On the one hand it may be that for the very reasons that education was first mooted in the 1870s, to keep control of children; social issues may continue to dictate that students physically attend a school. 


Further musings on this theme:  the current growth in accountability and standardization of what students can and cannot do; and the commodification of education would indicate a growth in greater control of education.  This of course could go hand-in-hand with technology, where students movements both online and physical movements are tagged keeping track of the whereabouts and actions of each student as a means of control.  We are currently having these debates with the GCSB bill and wider afield with cloud based service Lavabit closing as the US Govt. tries to track Edward Snowden’s moves.

Is it equitable that all students have the same educational opportunities?  Certainly that was the premise of early educational theorists and something that NZ has prided itself on.  The growth of personalized learning and the ongoing debate about what is important for students to know and be able to do will continue.  Creativity, problem solving, resourcefulness, resilience will come head to head with standardized tests and deficit theorizing.  Will a coherent curriculum and assessment system (whatever that might look like) be the answer?  Or will more flexibility lead to fragmentation and issues of equity and access, with diverse curricula and qualifications entrenching the status quo?




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