My first MOOC

I’ve signed up to this MOOC out of interest for the topic.  My work involves working with professional development facilitators and with schools in New Zealand to bring about change for students, change that helps students to engage and achieve to the best of their potential.  I am a firm believer that we need to look carefully at what learning currently looks like and feels like for our underachieving students.  How can we do something different, change to accommodate their learning needs and make learning a positive experience for them?  One of the things we are using as part of our work is Teaching as Inquiry and blended e-Learning to begin to engage priority learners in our NZ system.

I have tried to start and maintain a blog post in the past – but this has not worked for me.  It will be interesting to see if I have better luck this time, but suspect I will, given that there will be course material to post about.

I enjoyed reading the article on personal learning environments.  Personalizing learning is one way of engaging students.  I am thinking of it here in terms of finding out about the learner, their interests, their strengths and their level of readiness and ability in order to provide learning opportunities matched to their needs.  Personalising learning helps the learner to take responsibility for their own learning, also a powerful way in which to engage students.  The students that the article refers to are obviously older than the school-age students I am thinking of.  However all students need the opportunity to be working creatively with material.  PLEs allow this to happen.  Students can aggregate material of interest to them, work with others to re-craft it and share their new take on the information – all powerful learning processes.


2 thoughts on “My first MOOC

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    Remember to add the SP4Ed tag to your blog post so the harvester can fetch the feed. You do this in edit mode. In the instructions for session 2 in the tip section there are links to show you how. (see:

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